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Confident Conception

Your Three Month At Home Holistic Treatment Plan for Gaining Power

Over Your Health & Becoming a Mother Naturally

YOU were drawn to this program because...

You are destined for



You are health conscious, and believe that knowledge is power. You not only care about your own health, but the health of your family and future generations.


You know there are safe and effective alternatives to our healthcare system.


You may be termed “advanced maternal age” or you’ve been working hard to build your career.


You have pre-existing health concerns or anxiety over our modern environment, like changes to our food system, stress and toxicity.

"Once I became pregnant, Dr. Murray modified my acupuncture sites to better align with my pregnancy and also helped write a good workout plan!"

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Do you, or someone dear to you, dream of being a mother someday?

In my 3 month online program, I provide aspiring mothers with holistic solutions to create a body and mindset supportive of a healthy pregnancy, baby and family.

Whether you wanted to become pregnant yesterday, or your vision of motherhood is years down the road, this program is designed for you to gain power over your health and become a mother naturally.

There are holistic solutions to support you on this journey!

You want to take the worry out of family planning.

You want to learn more about your body and spirit

to better care for yourself.

You want to feel empowered. You know that it is your birthright to have a healthy and safe pregnancy, delivery, and family.

You want to spend more time LOVING yourself, your partner and trusting in the POWER of your sovereignty.

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Dr Murray Applying Moxibustion Treatment

Meet Dr Sonja Murray!

Doctor of Acupuncture + Herbal Medicine
Registered Nurse
Certified Lactation Counselor

Are you ready to feel confident when it comes time to starting a family?

As a holistic healthcare provider, I see an increasing need in reproductive care, and a growing interest in health prevention, especially in career-driven women.

I provide aspiring mothers with holistic treatments to create a body and mindset supportive of a healthy pregnancy, baby and family.


My purpose here is to empower you that you are ALWAYS in a state of healing.


As an integrative practitioner I provide you the tools, resources and support for you to gain KNOWLEDGE, RESILIENCY and POWER over your health

Given these tools, you can successfully start a family naturally!

Book your FREE 15 minute consultation to discover how I can best support you!

In your three month course, we will cover...

Program Outline

Module 1: Health Assessment
Module 2: Healthy Pregnancy Foundation
Module 3: Conscious Conception
Module 4: Thriving Through Pregnancy
Module 5: Birth Preparation
Module 6: Healthy Mom, Healthy Family

What's all included?


A treatment plan designed for your unique needs.

Your treatment supplies, including acupuncture needle embedded stickers.

One on one virtual visits with Dr Murray to help you understand the root-cause of your symptoms, and provide guidance on your personalized at-home treatments.

I am in service to your UNIQUE experience.
By signing up for this program you agree to be:

Open to new knowledge

Responsible for the power you have over your health

Ready for a 3 month investment of *$800/month

(*discounted following consultation call and when paid in full)

As the purpose of this program is to educate and empower you to tap into your innate healing potential, I am delighted to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you find that you are not completely satisfied with your investment, please reach out, and I will promptly refund your payment.

"My main goal was to get pregnant and support a healthy pregnancy which is exactly what happened! I wasn't expecting to get pregnant as quickly as I did once starting this program."

A little more about Dr Murray...

I began my career at the Mayo Clinic as a pediatric nurse in 2011. As much as I enjoyed the experience working with families from all around the world, I quickly realized that our modern healthcare system's reactive approach was taking a toll on both my patients and myself.
While searching for advanced degree options, I started getting acupuncture treatment for insomnia related to working alternating day and night shifts.  Acupuncture and the other modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) quickly opened my eyes to a comprehensive system of medicine, and a whole new approach to health. 
Little did I know, these treatments would not only help me sleep better... The power of this medicine not only took away painful periods, headaches, and premenstrual irritability, it gave me CHOICE and POWER over my health, a healthy, natural pregnancy, and a thriving FAMILY.
Although 3000+ years old to other cultures, TCM was new to me, and didn’t take much convincing that this was the philosophy of medicine I wanted to both live, and practice for my patients. To maintain the knowledge and skills, I am still practicing inpatient nursing, and feel fortunate to have my feet in both doors of medicine. 
Growing up on one of Minnesota’s lakes, I enjoy as much time outside as I can get. Gravel roads and wooded trails are home to me, and practicing a philosophy of medicine that sees beauty in the relationship to our environment is truthfully fulfilling.
I believe that a happy, healthy life is achievable through community engagement, ancestral nutrition, moving, meditation, and guiding one’s Qi into balance.
When I’m not practicing medicine, I enjoy hiking, camping, foraging, cooking, traveling, singing silly camp songs, spending time with my husband, son, and zoo of furry animals, and enjoying all of the beauty that southern Minnesota has to offer.

Dr Murray is Nationally Board Certified by the NCCAOM

Learn More About Dr Murray's Credentials & Certifications Here

Dr Murray on a Virtual Visit

Your FREE food therapy guide to achieving natural conception!

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