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Post Cupping Care

STAY HYDRATED - Drink plenty of room temp or warm water for the next 24-48 hours.

TAKE IT EASY - Avoid strenuous activities the day of cupping. Gently yoga, walking and stretching are better options. 

KEEP WARM and DON'T SHOWER TODAY - Keep your cupping marks covered. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, open pores create a more direct channel to the meridians and can cause illness from an invasion of outside influences.

YOU MAY FEEL SORE BEFORE YOU FEEL BETTER - Everyone responds differently, but muscles may be sore after treatment. A heating pad, warm herbal teas, and gentle stretching helps. Treatments are always individualized based on each person's needs, and stronger stimulation doesn't not always mean it's more effective.

Photo of Cup Marks on a Patient's Back
Photo of Patient with Glass Cups on their Back
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